tenacity, texture and clarity, hardness and strength

    • tenacity, texture and clarity, hardness and strength

      following small series to introduce solid wood bed to buy, as well as solid wood bed material. First, the solid wood bed material introduction 1, elm elm, the main production temperate, deciduous trees, trees tall, all over the north. Elm woody tenacity, texture and clarity, hardness and strength of moderate, generally through the carving relief can adapt, planing smooth, gorgeous pattern beautiful, "chicken wing wood" pattern, for furniture, decoration, etc., elm Drying,
      shaping, carving painting, can produce exquisite carved lacquer crafts. 2, beech wood beech material slightly thick, but strong and tough, impact resistance friction, the disadvantage is easy to deformation. Beech woods are beautiful, layers of mountains such as overlapping, Suzhou woodworking called "pagoda pattern"; edge material reddish brown, heartwood was red ocher, so called "blood beech". Handed down the Ming and Qing furniture, many are made of
      beech, mostly large pieces of furniture such as the case and large stand and so on. 3, pine wood in the solid wood, pine wood solid wood bed more durable, made in furniture, the pine can fully show the material real, foolish and natural beauty. Pine growth cycle is long, fine rounds, the texture of wood flexible, low oil content of trees, and its own distribution of yin and yang evenly. 4, birch birch texture straight and obvious, delicate and soft texture, texture is
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