eight successful marketing strategy

    • eight successful marketing strategy

      Shenyang City, the first batch of the market: 1 world home, Gabriel home, northeast decoration city, Oriental home, east to the east, the East Furniture City, ancient through this home, the majority, the majority of Mercure, Home Depot supermarket, Jinlong decoration materials City ,
      Home, Ryder home, collar show home, famous floor culture square, Seth international home, Yilinooyi, Tao Linju, Wanquan furniture market, Wanquan Cantonese Hall, Weihua Furniture City, hi to home names Square China's furniture city, in a brand name furniture square.
      Small and medium-sized building materials business eight successful marketing strategy Westerners think that China is a large site, unlimited business opportunities, do not know the competition is unusually fierce The A project may cause 8-9 brand crazy competition,
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      the person in charge of quality inspection departments to the meeting. From the province around the more than 40 furniture market legal representative, furniture, wooden doors, flooring, cabinets and other responsible person a total of more than 300 people participated in the province's furniture market.
      management order self-regulation work deployment conference. After the meeting, issued a "Liaoning furniture industry integrity declaration."Kenya Asian strong array "attack" West Fair on May 25, the eighth China West Fair scheduled to start in Chengdu, Sichuan.
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      Industry point of view building materials prices are not transparent Why businesses will use split sales way? Kema company marketing department in an interview with reporters that in the sanitary ware and some other building materials sales, has been used in the main parts and accessories are sold separately.
      He explained that, to take sanitary ware, if the kind of property by the product point of view, one is a ceramic products, the other is a hardware component, if the production of enterprises is not across the production line, most can only professional production of a type of product.
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      B & Q own brand "Rongdeng" inferior list. Reporters on May 21 unannounced visits to B & Q Jianxiang Bridge shop was found, was exposed to quality problems B & Q Myanmar mahogany laminate flooring 3174 still appear in its promotional brochure. On the Internet,
      consumers frequently reflect the purchase of B & Q's "exclusive special" floor, and by the B & Q is responsible for the installation and left all kinds of hidden dangers. According to informed sources, a large domestic flooring companies to provide B & Q's so-called.
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      in fact, these are purely commercial behavior. Yuan Yide stressed that the floor is not a high-tech products, do not put some conceptual things so mysterious, and ultimately mislead consumers. Background: The industry downturn this year is particularly critical for the flooring industry for a year.
      Yuan Yide said, I told some friends in the circle, including some raw material suppliers and our association leaders to chat, we generally feel the first half of the market is very light. Also said that many brands are not ideal sales. There are some brands basically can not find the direction of the.
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      base is mainly used for the production of solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring blanks and solid wood composite floor panels, after the completion of the project can be the entire production chain for the letter to provide the substrate, so as to effectively integrate the industrial chain.
      At the same time the company will also be in the fast-growing forest acquisition, cultivation has also increased investment, as a "backward integration strategy" part. Industry observers believe that with the flooring industry competition further intensified,
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      the floor of the environmental issues is my most concerned about, because the family has the elderly and children, if the floor of the formaldehyde emission is too large, Have a negative impact on their health. "And another older consumers think the floor of the most cost-effective,
      he said:" Now the concept of the floor too much, what antibacterial, silent, E0, people a little touched Mind, I think the foot feel comfortable, the price is reasonable is the most recognized consumers. "One of the words: the industry needs to progress Peng Hongbin (Rhine Sunshine floor president).

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      When looking at this one of the exciting sales figures, we feel more of a social responsibility and pressure, who can really understand the needs of consumers and the pursuit of consumers want to do, so consumers do, who will Can get customer recognition and appreciation,
      today's Whirlpool is the best proof. In the fierce market competition era, a brand only the constant pursuit of innovation, it is possible to become the market competition "laugh the last person." Today's Whirlpool has been at the forefront of science and technology research and development,
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