any water vapor absolutely

    • any water vapor absolutely

      consultation. If you do is the general cement leveling, cement can be carried out before the implementation of pavement. If the ground is absolutely can not be installed. There is a simple way to measure moisture, with 60 cm square plastic film covered on the ground, sealed around, 24 hours after the observation of the film with water
      vapor, if any water vapor absolutely can not be installed. It is recommended to use self-leveling leveling construction to achieve the original ground within every two square meters of height difference of not more than 3 mm. If the height difference of two square meters more than 5 mm absolutely can not be installed. The ground should be
      clean without debris. There should be no cracking on the concrete floor. If it is to warm the ground (electric or plumbing), in addition to meet the above requirements, but also should meet the following requirements: the floor installation, the ground moisture content can not exceed 10%. Before laying the floor, verify that the heating system is
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