Redwood furniture is young

    • Redwood furniture is young

      With the continuous progress of society, mahogany furniture also keep up with the trend of the times, the furniture market appeared young series of mahogany furniture,installation de planches de porche en plastique which is also known as a lot of 90 consumer groups ready, mahogany furniture, young has undoubtedly become a Important trend.
      A large number of large numbers of mahogany furniture have launched a large series of young products, fashion design, simple, elegant colors, style leisure. In this year's 32nd Dongguan Houjie name furniture exhibition,meubles de salon en plein air the major mahogany enterprises are focused on the development of its face for 80, 90 after the new youth exclusive series of mahogany furniture. Mahogany furniture industry lively "young" trend is becoming increasingly fierce, the goal is also directed at 80,90 after the customer group.
      2017, mahogany furniture market began to play the "young card." To seize the young market, began to become China's mahogany furniture market in 2014 an important frontier signal,panneaux en étain pour armoires and the next few years the domestic mahogany furniture market to bring an important impact. Insiders have pointed out that in China, to 80,90 as the main body of the young people to become the main force of the workplace, this has a certain economic capacity of the crowd seems to have been the main consumer, in the first three quarters of 2014,Panneau mural extérieur wpc Inde home consumer age In the distribution, the proportion of consumers aged 25-35 was 64%, showing the younger age structure of the domestic consumer groups.

      2, moisture: through the continuous waxing, and gradually form a "plate" to keep the water in the floor is neither leakage caused by dry burst,solid birch flooring do not absorb lead to expansion, so as to keep the floor is not deformed and not cracked. Surface paint to maintain proper grease, even if there is no direct sunlight does not change color.
      3, glazing: to improve the floor light,300x300mm horizontal bamboo deck tile to maintain the flexibility of the floor, the effect is better than once again.