repeat the above steps continuous paste down

    • repeat the above steps continuous paste down

      construction (wood floor construction methods ignored, only ceramic floor or stone step as an example), cleaning, (Soil cement mortar) �� mortar paste plate (side plate) �� semi-dry mortar leveling �� prime cement mortar paste plank �� edge mortar compaction �� remove excess mortar for the next table �� clean up to complete the surface Layer �� repeat the above steps continuous paste down �� 36 hours after the water conservation again �� the last use
      of caulking agent hook and cleaning. Third, the stairs step tiles paving Note 1. A focus on home improvement stairs safety, on the other hand is to pay attention to the economy. Where the economy, including the economy, home improvement stairs step by step the economic and spatial design of the funds generally 180 mm -200 mm, only in public places will be designed 130 mm -160 mm between the staircase height. Followed by strengthening away from the
      center, which is generally designed between 230 mm and 250 mm depth, the minimum should not be less than 220 mm, to strengthen the depth of the design to less than 300mm step by step, two steps is not enough to get tired. 2. Step width of the choice, the general home staircase step width selection 800 mm, hole space can increase according to the amount. 3 Note specifications: staircase pedal different thickness of the price is not the same, pedal thickness of
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