flooring effect

    • flooring effect

      should be solid, not loose, trampled no abnormal sound. The reserved pad is removed. (2), solid wood flooring maintenance of solid wood flooring after laying, at least to health after 24 hours before use, otherwise it will affect the use of solid wood flooring effect. Good floor as a good car, is the need for maintenance. In the daily decoration
      works, due to the duration of the problem, the floor is usually required to be installed earlier, so the floor is often destroyed by other construction teams. Occasionally, the white spots on the floor are along the walls, because the paint will drop the paint on the floor, and then scraped with a weapon; living room floor damage is more serious
      than the bedroom, because the decoration workers tend to be renovated Material on the living room. Therefore, it is recommended to install the floor, the placement of furniture two days before the floor maintenance. General solid wood composite floor water resistance is poor, should not use a damp cloth or water wipe, so as not to lose
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