the wooden floor

    • the wooden floor

      Five years ago, the wooden floor of the advantages and disadvantages of a few years ago, people in the room for the choice of ground materials, the more attention to the tiles, tiles, stone and other materials, and now, the floor has become the protagonist of the ground, More and more important, the quality of the floor material on the success or failure ofused cheap pool decks Norway home improvement is also great. At present, there are five kinds of wood flooring on the building materials market for consumers to choose, these five kinds of flooring each has its own advantages, after comparison, there will be a suitable for you.
      Solid wood flooring to "green, natural" to win the name suggests, solid wood flooring is the drying of wood, after the formation of the ground decoration materials, the basic to eco plastic wood prices fencing maintain the natural pattern of raw materials, foot comfort, the use of safety is its main features.
      Solid wood flooring is made of natural trees, so "environmental protection" is a major feature. In the respect for nature, back to nature today, solid wood flooring is mainly used for home decoration, bedroom, living room, study and other ground common its shadow.
      Solid wood flooring materials from diagonal decking and beam placement the tree is very much, so the price difference is very large, precious rosewood, teak, more common maple wood, oak, ash, cheap fir, pine and so on. At present, the type of solid wood flooring on the market is mainly based on the floor of the mouth, flat floor flooring, parquet flooring, therefore, the industry said that the price factor is an important reason for restricting the sales of solid wood flooring, only the economic exterior wall deck tiles price in kerala conditions better consumption Will be used.