Light wooden floor maintenance tips

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    • Light wooden floor maintenance tips


      Solid wood flooring in case of stains should be promptly removed, the general stains such as oil, fruit juice and other rag can be dipped in neutral detergent and water to reconcile liquid cleaning. If the smudges such as drugs, paints, etc., in the stain did not penetrate the wooden surface to be removed before, you can use a soft cloth soaked in furniture wax wipe. Avoid scrubbing with alkali or soap to avoid damaging the brightness of the paint and damaging the paint film.
      If the home installation of wooden floor, be sure to stay, if you can not stay immediately, but also to maintain the indoor ventilation, ventilation, cooling. Do not use plastic sheets or newspapers to cover the floor over time over a long time the film will be tacky, tarnished, and avoid the hot water pot, hot rice cooker and other things directly on the floor surface to use wood or straw mats with No hot film. And put furniture on the floor with rubber or other soft pad to prevent scoring floor paint.
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