town shut on August

    • town shut on August


      of justice hall town shut on August 10 stop the first gun, issue an announcement, the company inside requirement area under administration New Co Extrusion Product Hollow Decking shuts entirely stop, rectify and reform the environmental protection that enterprise oneself exists, safe problem in the round, always cannot upgrade transform amount to mark to discharge reach safety
      is acceptable enterprise, Pvc Flooring Price Per Meter will come true to the enterprise " bisection 3 Qing Dynasty " , cut off the water supply namely, cut off the power, clear raw material, clear equipment, clear field. On August 30, after group of superintend of centrally environmental protection garrisons Linyi several days, build a deck on a flat roof the plate company of Linyi shuts
      entirely stop, no matter be mill of coolie factory, family, the big company that still takes annulus to review procedures is afraid of be anti-fungus exterior patio flooring informed against not dare start working, some also alleges external in start working without start working, backwater of chain of wooden industry industry, board industry loss is severe! Sunshine,