Sticky How would you improve SuperRepo?

    • How would you improve SuperRepo?

      SuperRepo has been founded to help people find information about addons and install them easily. This has lead to being the first grand repository (back then it was believed to be impossible, and now there are plenty), the first full addons web index, addons bundles and many more.

      Today I want to ask you: How would you improve SuperRepo?
      No answer is wrong and all will be evaluated. Please do not keep your idea behind because you think that it is impossible, too small to wish for or any reason at all!
    • PhantomTa2 wrote:

      When browsing for addons, is there any way to display the whole of the addon's name instead of the default list, which doesn't seem to help that much?

      Ideally, I would like to have a "Details" list, like in Windows Explorer, (SuperRepoList2)

      Is there any way to list the Addons like in Explorer because, as you can see, it displays "SuperRepo" and doesn't actually display any further information about them whatsoever, not even displaying the name of the Addons, leaving me with what seem to be the only option of clicking every single one, one at a time, which is something I don't want to have to do.

      I hope I made my query clear and hope to receive a reply from you soon

      Thank you for your time


      Dear PhantomTa2,

      Halfway there :) More should be wait until the whole module get's an overhaul but this is planned to go live very soon.
    • Not sure if this would fall under superrepo or the creator of genesis but I would like to see a way too increase cache size for users with more then 8GB of memory. before anyone suggests the advancedsettings xml file for kodi I would like to add that genesis is one of the rare addons that does not use the kodi cache but actually has its own cache settings.
    • hello, congratulations about the addon bundle creator i love it. the problem is that if i selected 40 addons i feel like only 5 worked good. i know that maybe that's not your fault, but it will cool that the percentage of working addons can be improved..

      MY SUGGESTION about the adddon bundle creator is:

      ALLOW users to check chekcboxes to install addons / repositories or to uninstall them instead of enabling or deleting them one by one.