Announcement SuperRepo has a new forum

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    • SuperRepo has a new forum

      Today, SuperRepo likes to announce that it has it's own subforum at Addons.Center

      Addons.Center wrote:

      Addons.Center is founded in order to provide addon developers a place where they can share information about their addons, request help, share knowledge and interact with their users.

      Why a forum for SuperRepo
      Having a place to talk about SuperRepo without censorship is important.

      There a numereous communities for Kodi related stuff already, but most of them forbid to talk about SuperRepo as it hurts their business case. Posts are deleted and/or the name SuperRepo is censored (********). Getting help is out of the question.

      Addons.Center offers us a board to talk, share information and help each other without censorship and without being motivated by money.

      How you benefit
      1. Did I mention "free speech"? That's the main benefit.

      2. Addons.Center can be used by many other parties too. So you register once and can enjoy communicating with multiple parties.

      You can help SuperRepo in participating at this forum! Tell me what you want, help other users and get help in return when you need it.