Sticky Release: Kiss Anime & Kiss Cartoon

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    • Hi I was wondering what you are using to bypass the CloudFlare protection. I saw a github repo called "cfscrape" which scrapes websites that have CloudFlare protection. Though the only problem is that "cfscrape" needs a javascript engine like node.js installed. And is it possible to bypass CloudFlare by setting a user-agent? And more thing, your kissanime github repo seems out of date.

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    • 1.) There will be no library integration.

      2.) CloudFlare DDOS Protection Work-A-Round... It was complicated a bit by the fact that what I originally found didn't make use of the methods I had been using for web page fetches and such. And the means to grab cookies was done differently with different formatting. Rather than trying to get things changed in T0mm0's or Common's Addon / Net modules project that might have to be adjusted from time to time, I went about a little custom work using both one file for some of the CF work-a-round and some code in my get and post html fetching functions. It's far from perfect for sure, and is basically an attempt at duplicating the actions of the javascript. As some systems/platforms can handle javascript while others can't. Then dealing with stupid cookies, which I really really dislike. Then dealing with timer(s) and hoping it all works out. Some people like me still see a few glitches, while other use it pretty well. Unfortunately I haven't felt like revamping how the graphics are handled, and those are hidden behind CF Protection as well.

      3.) Yes the stand-a-lone github repo been left untouched for a long while due to certain things being asked to be kept as private as possible by those of K.A. a long while back.

      4.) As for user-agent, that might actually be one thing needed to be kept in mind, but it's more cookies and form post(s). Also remember url referrer, as that seems to make a lot of difference, sometimes its hard to tell if you need to do it from the same page @ KA or the base domain for the given site or what. Different sites will need different slight tweaks of course.
    • Hey bud, just wanted to report that Today I tried to watch Spiderman Animated Series and Batman Animated Series and both crashed kodi. Ill try to see if this is happening to everything. Yesterday I was able to successfully launch Barney but this morning both of these caused a crash

      Update(7.26.15): Checked barney also not working. Checked One Piece on KissAnime, same results.

      Could this be due to upgrading to Isengard Kodi version and Isengard app?

      2nd Update(7.27.15): I am not sure if this was attributed to Isengard itself, I did went ahead and reinstalled Helix kodi and helix app yesterday before I called it a night and both apps were still causing a crash on Kodi on the Fire TV Stick

      Today the 27th, i have tested both apps and are working just fine. However It was crashing my Kodi on the Fire TV Stick.... I did not think about testing it in PC before calling it a night. I will test the TV Stick later today and determined if its perhaps just the TV stick having the issues.

      Update(7.27.15): I was able to use the KC on the stick for certain shows, but when i go back to Spiderman it does the same thing it was doing and continues doing so on each show i choose afterwards. KA does it with any selection as well (Kodi freezes and i have to force stop it and relaunch it or after 3 mins or so it exits Kodi) 5:00PM CST

      Final Update(7.28.15): My friend I found out what has been happening this whole time. Often the most simplest solutions are the best ones. I hadn't read the previous message in this forums where you mention that for android its as simple as just playing through URL via the menu on the episode stream. Opening the menu for the stream and selecting Play URL fixes everything. The weird factor is that sometimes it works w/o having to do so, but its easier and less headaches just playing URL w/o having to change the hardware acceleration option. Which can impact the 720p and higher streams.

      All in All im ok with having to take that extra step. I know you mentioned that on an older thread they had an alternative solution but for now this works. Thanks again for awesome addons. 1:01AM CST <---Latest Update

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    • yes, that's exactly right, Highway explained this on an earlier post which I had missed myself when I started using KA.

      HIGHWAY99 wrote:

      There's a bit of a bug with Android version of things compared to pc for XBMC / Kodi, so things have to be handled differently. for time being (a while now) its usually as simple as context menu on the link and play url to bypass things and play them. there's another method but it got lost in an old forum thread that i no longer got access to.
      Another method that may work is by disabling Hardware acceleration by going into System -> Settings -> Video -> (turn on advanced level settings) Acceleration and changing the decoding method into Software instead of Hardware Acceleration. This method takes away the need to hit "Play URL".

      However, In my experience (although I had a Fire Tv Stick) it buffered a lot more and when it did play, it was not smooth, it would pause and play periodically on 720p links.

      Therefore the best method which I have been using and have not encountered any issues what so ever is by going into context menu and hitting "Play URL"

      This has worked for me for several Animes, such as Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter, Dragonball Super, and several more than I just randomly go into.

      FYI His other Add-On KissCartoon works the same way as this one.

      The only difference is the Cloud Protection may keep you from moving forward into a selection, but all you have to do is click on it again and it will take you into what you selected. Rarely do you have to do it twice.
    • HIGHWAY99 wrote:

      Through use of metadata you can still get some cover-art and fanart/backdrops, however like you and issues100 has mentioned to me there is an issue with artwork from the site itself. This being due to CloudFlare which protects all artwork on the site as well. :cursing: I've thought about having them manually fetched and downloaded, which would take a bit much work and mean storing the images in a different location, and having to update things in the .db database file. So far I've mainly been waiting for the CF to be dropped by them, with any hope. However, that hope gets less and less as the months go by.

      Sorry for not answering you sooner, issues100, you never seem to be there when i go to reply on irc. Thanks for the questions, though. For no reason would i suggest actually clearing your image cache, as that won't help and if anything would get rid of any old images that actually got downloaded.

      canadave wrote:

      @Avostear: could be anything, so your best bet is to upload a kodi log.

      Speaking of KissAnime, is anyone else not seeing metadata (artwork)? I have metadata enabled in settings, but I'm no longer seeing any artwork when scrolling through the addon. Using Isengard 15.2 RC 1.

      Hi there Canadave,

      I just wanted to post as previously mentioned by dev regarding metadata. It should more or less answer your question or at least satisfy your inquiry.

      In a personal note, I get some covers as well with metadata enabled. More often than not is the ones im not even interested on that show up lol

      but for now we are still crossing our fingers that cloudfire protection gets dropped.

      any questions regarding KA or KC let me know!

      ill do my best to answer them unless dev beats me to it!
    • This a lot of meta data issues due to the site(s) handled by the addon(s) being behind CloudFlare DDOS Protection. Not just pages, but images as well. Don't feel like totally revising stuff, and haven't looked at what a friend did up for it yet. Plus with no imdb or such id tags or id tags for anidb or such, there's no functional way to grab metadata for all the animes which often times have titles that don't match up very well. Eventually a lot of the graphics do ocassionally show up.

      Also, sometimes the wrong metadata might show up... just get over it as far as that one goes... I know one of my favorites, Charlotte, is among them as now and then one I like falls into that gap, we just gotta ignore it image/description and go on.

      PS: a few comments got made about KissAsian, so that got made up. Sorry for the delay on actually pushing that new release, along with an update for SolarMovie and KissManga.
    • Registered on this site cause I wanted to show how grateful I am and to say thanks for the addon. I'll update on my experience cause I've been testing it for windows and android on both smartphone and firestick. Recently on smartphone, it started working fine for some reason the same as windows without the "Play URL" method even though there hasn't been an update to the addon yet. It used to freeze the same as firestick without that method but now it doesn't. Firestick still has the same problem and does need that method though. I was wondering what could've changed that because if it was something from the site itself, wouldn't it also be possible for firestick to start working the same way too? thx again and keep up the good work
    • I think it may have to do with the OS.

      The Android OS on the Fire Stick is specifically designed to the Fire Stick which is different than the Android OS on our phones.

      As a matter of fact I think the Fire TV Stick OS is more comparable to Android Jelly Bean 4.2 on the phones and even then its only based on it.

      Although I don't know for a fact that this is the reason, its what i would imagine may be causing the difference in the devices.

      Do you know what Android OS version you are running on your phone?
    • stryfe1986 wrote:

      I think it may have to do with the OS.

      The Android OS on the Fire Stick is specifically designed to the Fire Stick which is different than the Android OS on our phones.

      As a matter of fact I think the Fire TV Stick OS is more comparable to Android Jelly Bean 4.2 on the phones and even then its only based on it.

      Although I don't know for a fact that this is the reason, its what i would imagine may be causing the difference in the devices.

      Do you know what Android OS version you are running on your phone?
      Hey thanks for replying! Android on my phone is currently 4.4.4 which I think is kitkat? not really sure