Sticky Release: Kiss Anime & Kiss Cartoon

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    • great update! thanks for the hard work highway. thumbnails look great and I haven't tried autoplay yet but looks like it'll be useful. does anyone know if there's a way to increase the number of pages or decrease loading speeds via settings? not much of a big deal for me but was just wondering. also I think I read about firestick getting an android update soon because there's a 2nd gen fire TV coming out. maybe that'll fix the 'play url' method for me. thx again
    • Awesome! Thanks for these updates Highway! Stupid question, when using KissAnime there is an anime called "Free!" a popular show my daughter watches about a swim club. However when finding the anime the associated metadata shows something else called "Free Ride", a completely unrelated show. To try and remedy this I go to the context menu and click "Refresh Metadata". In the subsequent search list that appears one of the listing shows the correct show: "Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club". When I click on that the add-on seems like it's updating, however the artwork (poster/fanart) of the "Free Ride" shows still appears. When going to show information, the plot description shows both the correct show and incorrect show information. Am I missing a step on removing the incorrect metadata and replacing it with the correct one?

      For reference, the show list on is here:

      Thanks so much for your wonderful addon!
    • Addon ID:
      Addon Name: KissAnime
      Addon Version: 0.9.11
      Version Release Date: 10-18-2015

      Addon ID:
      Addon Name: KissCartoon
      Addon Version: 0.9.11
      Version Release Date: 10-18-2015

      @ onizuka, metadata is a bit flawed since there's no idtags to make sure the right thing is being grabbed, made worse by the nature of anime having so many multiple versions of their titles. MetaHandler tries its best to grab data, but it can't always get anime data right, just something we gotta live with. It's been a while since refresh metadata was added and other things have changed since then, it probably needs to go on the list of things to look at again. With all the trouble with metahandler and thetvdb / imdb things were tried to make the fetching of things lessened for a while, so a lot of that is handled in the sql for kissanime and such rather than metahandler... at least for image urls. I'll look into that when I get a chance but it might not be too overly soon.

      PS: Please try this version on firetv stick if someone can, thank you.
    • Hi. I'm a noob to your addon and from what my friends tell me its the bomb. I am having an issue. I installed your repo from the new link you provided but I am getting an error of "Movie: No results" when I try and open any links from any of the options (Cartoon list). What did I do wrong?
    • works fine now, highway. I can't thank you enough. sorry that you've been tired and just want to let you know that I hope you're okay and apologize if anything sounds too much like a selfish request. you can decide if its worth your time, or if it feels like too much work etc. and we wouldn't mind but we'll still let you know if there are issues in case you ever feel like fixing it; no rush or anything. with your hard work up until now, this addon now feels like the main go to one for kodi. kodi has always been lacking one this whole time for hd anime but now it doesn't thanks to you
    • Thanks for the great releases and support highway i'm a long time user of your addon and I love it.

      Recently the past few days, I believe sllightly after the 0.9.9 release, I have been having issues. I now no longer get the cloudfare notification even when it's active on the website and sometimes nothing loads. Like when i go Anime List [Latest Update] the list never shows it just keeps trying to load it forever. The looping circle icon shows and says working and sometimes it gets to the progress bar but stops progressing further.

      Also when I go to history and try to see History 101 it takes much longer to load when it works and I think sometimes just never loads.

      Do you know the cause of the issues? the kissanime website seems to be functioning fine.

      Your addon has been great and you've been quick with the fixes but you've released two new update revisions and no fix yet so i'm left wondering whether you are aware of the issue. Anyone else getting these issues? I've been able to use the addon today but sometimes what i described above happens and for the last 2 hours or so I've been unable to use the kissanime addon.
    • huh it's working for me now. I updated to 0.9.11 and hour ago and it still didn't work but now it finally does. The issues i was describing happened in the kisscartoon addon as well.

      the issues comes and goes so idk the cause maybe it was a local issue and not a bug idk.
      If anyone else is experiencing what i described above please post here.
    • @Freq1c, I'll need a lot more info than that, type of device/os, logfile and so on to see whats going on.

      @kodiAnime, CFDP is now being handled outside of the addon by a modified version of the common net module. There was an option in addon settings to turn that notification on/off, but it might not even bother to mention it at all anymore since its being handled outside the addon really.

      Also the first time in History or Favorites lists might take a bit longer, after that it shouldn't take near as long. I am noticing a bit longer taken even the 2nd time, so we'll have to take a look at that. Might have something to do with smokdpi's tweaks for making the images fetchable though the troubling CFDP. He did some great work with that.

      Seems a lot of that has to do with the CFDP protecting the entire site including images, and to get the images the cookie pretty much changes way too often.... Might still have to goto a more original plan of making the graphics download to somewhere locally the first time. Which might also make for easier exchanging of graphics for advanced users when metadata grabs the wrong artwork.
    • I'm really liking the new 'play from here' option to start the next episode automatically. I haven't seen many addons with that and it's just great for anime. there's a few but they aren't HD like this one. the only thing this is missing from being 100% perfect is quicker loads to go with the thumbnails for easier browsing but that won't matter if you already know what you want to watch by using search or adding to favorites. metadata turned on with media info looks really nice but I have it off because I think it made my loads slower. it doesn't really need that because of how good it is already though. keep up the good work
    • Good news is I have used the addon for the past week and I haven't been facing the issues I described last week.

      However I've rolled back to version 0.9.10 because of the playback issue that 0.9.11 tried to fix. Directly playing the video worked for me in the past and still does in 0.9.10 and below with having to play twice most times. Now in 0.9.11 I have to use the playURL method and the consequence is that the videos aren't marked as watched . It's a only a minor inconvenience but I thought i should let you know that instead of fixing the playback issue some devices may have been negatively affected.
    • aw.. so that means it started working better for me but not for others. what device are you trying to play it on? autoplay still works fine for me on windows and both kitkat and jellybean versions of android. the only strange thing I noticed is if I start it that way it'll show a second loading bar on the bottom right after the video starts but I don't mind that at all since it goes away pretty fast

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    • I just bought the new 2nd gen amazon fire TV and loading speeds are noticeably faster compared to the fire stick. it might not need fixing and should depend more on a device's specs. speeds from the pc I tested on were similar to the stick so I thought it mostly had to do with the addon but neither are that great compared to the fire tv so it makes sense now. everything else is still working fine without problems. thx highway