problems with shahidmbcnet

    • problems with shahidmbcnet

      Hello ,

      I have a major issue and i have no way to solve it. I am not a professional with xbmc and i have never used it before being in Africa.
      I am living in a city in Angola where it is very hard to find the arabic channels that i need. Therefore, i come to find xbmc which helped me a lot through the superrepo, shahidnet.

      However, i kind of always having new problems. Recently, i downloaded kodi instead of xbmc and configured everything newly as I didnt use the program for long time.
      I managed to watch channels from shahidnet through the superrepo, but some days ago i started having this buffering problem, the channel (live streaming) only work for like 1 sec then it makes buffering for seconds and sometime a min, even though my internet connection is good.

      I cannot find the info that i need on google. until i found this forum and found your posts BartOtten. I thought you are the pro who would be able to help me.
      Btw i tried to update the superrepo as per ur below link

      Upgrade SuperRepo to "Picture Perfect" V7!?

      but i cannot find the same file u show in ur screenshot. i used the file that i found which is version 7.0.3 but it did not work. the problem continue the same.

      I really hope my problem could be solve.

      thanks a lot for your time and consideration.