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      Breath Most athletes while working with heavy weights give the muscles too little oxygen. Before squatting imagine that this is your last breath, and after a moment the whole room will be filled with water. Deep breaths will help you stretch the abdominal wall and include deep abdominal muscles. In addition, using a deep breath, followed by Mega Maximus a delay of breathing will be easier to keep your back in a neutral position. Taking a deep breath, tighten your abdominal muscles, the abdominal wall post ahead, but do not exhale. Do not attempt at this "squeeze" the abdominal muscles as well as the push to the abdominal wall to the outside. Imagine what I want to hit you with his fist in the stomach. What would you do in this case? You would be tightened. During the sit-ups do the same. The abdominal wall helps to stabilize the lower back. Be sure to check that it is strained. The movement of the hips Many are squats as to move up and down. In fact, it is also a movement back and forth. Dial a deep breath, tighten your trunk muscles, connect the gluteal muscles and hips start moving back. Sit ..