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  • Member since May 16th 2015

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  • itzikg -

    Dear managers

    I really do not understand how your repo added to the meta KAOSbox,
    someone took my Addon with the same ID and changed his name,
    I demand the immediate remove it from superrepo This causes a collision with the Meta my official Addon


  • Littlechef65 -

    I have an M8 android box running Kodi. I have done a complete clean down and updated to latest kodi release. No matter how many times I try to add source ( system/file manager/add source/ the fushion appears in file manager but when I go system/settings/addons/install from zip file/fushion/...... All I get is blank!!! No file no start here nothing, and a, zero!! Getting very frustrated and I am hoping you can talk me through what has gone wrong please??? Help??? Thank you in advance!!

  • makupou -

    Hi, can anybody make an addon for ?

  • ezmoore5 -

    I just did an install on a few firesticks and noticed that a lot of the addons are missing out of the video section? Genesis, Phoenix, Dexter for a few examples, could I have done something wrong?

  • sh0xx -

    How do I get my repo added to something like SuperRepo?

  • ever1 -

    OK for some reason have latest version of kodi and superrpo but my addons don't update auto can you assist me.thanks

  • hooperdw -

    How do you download datho vpn to kodi i have amazon fire tv i downloaded superrepo cant find it or do you know of another vpn thats just as good or should i put vpn on the fire tv itself if so how would i do that n which 1 would be the best

  • wm43552000 -

    Try to Upgrade axel download in Kodi file, after install SuperRepo still not able to upgrade axel toupdate current Kodi files. Please help

  • DxCx -

    Hi Bart!
    i was writing a plugin for anime content,
    where should i submit it for review and possibly add it to super repo?

  • Marcdaddy -

    Hi Bart! Was trying to watch the Cubs game tonight on Sportsdevil and nothing was working, I noticed from KodiTips on Facebook that they updated again on the 20th. I got it to work manually but the Repo will over right it to the older version ( I hate turning updates off for the repo ) Will you be pushing the update soon? THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK!!!!

  • kalbatross -

    Why Kodi tells me "dependencies not met " when trying installing adults addons zip files made by me as bundle?
    All other addons dont have problems.Thanks.

  • ydlg031712 -

    Can u please help me with finding out my Xbmc kodi version? I'm running on a 19.2 but can't seem to find the version name

  • releasefm -

    Hey, hope you are well. Either I have missed something really obvious or there's no documentation on how we actually submit a add-on repository? I've just made an add-on and would like to have it listed on super - thanks! :)

  • puresneak -

    wondering why superepo is pushing out the sportsdevil update from September 16 instead of the update from September 21. any way this can be fixed. Thanks!

    • BartOtten -

      Of course. Just tell me which version you are talking about and where SuperRepo can get the new version.

    • BartOtten -

      Newest version should be shipped by the way:
      Mon 21 Sep 20:03 -- UPDATED from 2015.09.14.3 to 2015.09.21.1B

      Guess you will see an even newer version (in a few hours) at the daily changelog :)

    • Marcdaddy -

      Bart Sportsdevil just updated again OCTOBER 20th version is out now, Can you push it? THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dreid -

    Just wanna say a huge thank you to all the hard work you put into making this the best repo for Kodi. I'm new to this whole scene, so it's nice knowing there's so many addons available.

    Cheers from Houston, TX

  • Leo Duenas -

    Hey I was wondering why im unable to get super repo?

    • BartOtten -

      Probably because the server gave up on us. Upgraded it with a massive new one :)

  • Supermonkey1964 -

    I have a question...I successfully created a bundle, installed it on my Kodi Isengard, but now when i try to delete or disable an addon because it either don't work properly or i decide i don't like it, it won't let do it, saying because it's part of a bundle i can't delete or disable the addon. Is there a way around this?


    Robert :)